Philly Feast

Philly Feast

While heading to California with Murphy, the survivors stop in Philadelphia and split to collect supplies and search a radio to contact Citizen Z. Cassandra Sunshine is scared and unsuccessfully tries to convince the group to proceed in their journey. Doc stays with Murphy in the truck while 10K sneaks around. Warren, Garnett and Cassandra seek supplies and Addison Addy Carver and Mack Thompson find a police car. Addy tries to fix the radio while Mack kills zombies in the area. Meanwhile a group of psychopaths commanded by Tobias Campbell see Cassandra and decide to bring her back to their family. Out of the blue, two men abduct Addy and bring her to their hideout. When Cassandra learns what happened to Addy, she panics and tries to flee from the survivors. What is the dreadful secret of Tobias and his family? Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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