You Got to Blame the Thing Up Here

You Got to Blame the Thing Up Here

Bubbles is wracked with guilt because he thinks he was the last person to cook fries in Ray's trailer before it burned down, so he has agreed to help Ricky and do whatever it takes to make it up to Ray. They find Ray's old rig sleeper from his days as a truck driver and tow it back to the park for him to sleep in. Meanwhile, Julian ropes Corey and Trevor into helping him make money (by ripping off the video lottery machines) and buying Ray pots, pans and a tent to live in. Later, when the boys are hanging out with Ray, Lucy walks up and apologizes to Ray for burning down his trailer, and Bubbles gets really angry at Ricky for letting him think that the fire was his fault. Written by Clenching Teeth Toast Guy

All Episodes - S5

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