Propane, Propane

Propane, Propane

Mr. Lahey wants to get back together with Barb for the sake of financial security, so he explains his rationale to Randy and proposes to her. She reveals that she only wanted their engagement ring to propose to Ricky, and Jim realizes that his desire for stability has driven Randy away. Meanwhile, Julian, Ricky and Bubbles are getting ready to harvest their pot fields and Ricky samples the product, which gets him more stoned than ever before. He is so stoned in fact, that he accepts Barb's marriage proposal. Mr. Lahey, bitter and holding Ricky responsible for 'ruining his life', sets about trying to kill him. On a radio news report, Bubbles and Julian learn that police are finding their weed fields, so they decide that they need to harvest their one undiscovered field quickly before the police get to it. They rush over to Ricky's trailer to get him to help, just as Lahey blows it up with Ricky inside. Written by Clenching Teeth Toast Guy

All Episodes - S4

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