The 'King' and I

The 'King' and I

Larry Appleton and Balki Bartokamous are having a special party at their apartment, during a weekend, Saturday or Sunday evening. Among their friends that are there, one is a hypnotist and his girl friend, are also with them. Later that evening, he wants to hypnotize Larry Appleton into acting and thinking like Elvis Presley. After the temporary spell of falling asleep, when Larry wakes up but he acts like Marlon Brando, instead, because he refused want to be hypnotized, but pretended to accept. At that same time, Balki Bartokamous, was watching from the kitchen window, (where he went to get a jar of wine or champagne, for himself or some of the guests). Balki gets the Elvis Presley hypnotic spell and extremely heavy! Later that evening, when Balki hears the telephone ring, he immediately answered it with Elvis Presley's southern accented voice tone saying, How did you get this number, lady? Later, after the week-end, Larry and Bakli are to visit their Incime Tax agent, Mister Yates... Written by 63x927is58401

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