Unconscious Selection

Unconscious Selection

Kira is rushed to hospital after having been struck by a car. Miraculously, she is unhurt and is soon home. Alison has moved in with Felix while she looks for a place to live. When she returns to her home, she finds her husband and their friends waiting for her. In Minnesota, Cosima is pleased to learn that Kira is well but not so pleased when she learns what Delphine has been up to. Art gives Beth one last chance to tell him what is going on. He finally gets to see the security footage from the train station. Dr. Leekie arrives but isn't easily fooled. He knows about Sarah through the information he received from Delphine and wants to offer her a deal. What he tells her isn't quite what she was expecting. When Sarah returns to Mrs S.'s house, she has something of a surprise waiting for her. Written by garykmcd

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