Moussa, a young Malian man who has narrowly escaped the military conflict in his country, pays a seemingly random late night visit to Julian, a bookshop owner in England who used to live in Mali. The two reminisce about Moussa's Motherland, its beauty, music and culture but also lament the recent coup and violent independence movement that has given rise to Jihadists imposing harsh Sharia law all over the North Western regions. TV and Radio stations have been shut down. Music has been outlawed. Dissenters have been punished with public floggings and mutilations and many prominent musicians have inexplicably 'disappeared'. It's a mysterious encounter that we soon learn is far from accidental. Moussa has come for a reason and reveals a troubling secret he hopes will hold Julian accountable and prompt him to take action to help Ramata one of the singers whom we learn both men know. But Julian has a secret of his own. As the night progresses they uncover uneasy truths about each others'... Written by Anonymous

  • Duration: 39 min
  • IMDb: 0

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