Jeannie's Beauty Cream

Jeannie's Beauty Cream

Jeannie goes out with Mrs. Bellows and when she marvels at how lovely Jeannie is, Jeannie tells her it's because of a cream she uses. She conjures some of it up and gives it to Mrs. Bellows. She uses it and it completely changes her appearance, she doesn't know it and goes to the base to see her husband. She runs into Healy who's taken with her. When Nelson sees the name on her id, he wonders if Jeannie did something. He calls her to come over but Mrs. Bellows tries to see her husband but he doesn't recognize her. Nelson tries to keep her away till Jeannie comes and fixes the whole thing. But when Mrs. Bellows he has to kiss her to keep her quiet but a General who's suppose to approve him for a new position catches them together and so does Jeannie who runs away. Written by [email protected]

All Episodes - S5

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