Taste of a Wedding Singer

Taste of a Wedding Singer

When the Braxton sisters get together for brunch, Trina shocks everyone by confessing she was arrested for a DUI. When Towanda and Andre go to dinner later, and Towanda gets stuck with the bill, she tells Andre he needs to get a real job. The sisters discuss what they want to cook for the Taste of Atlanta, while Toni encourages Trina to be forth-right with their mother about the arrest. Trina changes the subject by inviting her sisters to watch her band rehearse, and Towanda invites them to attend her acting class. The sisters go to see Trina's band, and discover she's not the lead singer. Trina is furious when they express their surprise, and tells them to leave. Towanda tells Andre she wants them to see a marriage counselor, but he refuses. Tamar tells Evelyn she is worried about Trina, and wants to talk to Gabe about her. Evelyn doesn't approve, but her daughters meet with Gabe anyway. He confirms that Trina is depressed, and Tamar ends up blaming him. The sisters and Evelyn do a ... Written by WeTV

  • Duration: 44 min
  • IMDb: 0

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