Braxton Family Reunion

Braxton Family Reunion

Nationally syndicated talk show host Wendy Williams dishes with the girls - Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar - and gets the real scoop on: if Toni ever made the move to L.A.; how Trina felt about losing her wig-cap during her DUI arrest and where she and Gabe stand today; if Traci will get a chance to sing on-stage again; the status of Towanda and Andre's marriage; and if the sisters are jealous of Tamar's new found fame. Find out if Evelyn had a change of heart about her ex-husband and the girls' father. And once and for all, who, besides mom, has had plastic surgery?! This special series overview includes partying in Russia and the sisters drawing nude model Michael Q. Schmidt. Written by WeTV

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